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Bluehost Review 2019 - BlueHost Review & Rating

Bluehost has been providing web hosting service since the year of 1996 and its hosting solutions are designed for individuals and small businesses to setup their blogs or corporate sites. - After years of development, Bluehost has extended their service to include both VPS hosting and dedicated server.Located in Utah, Bluehost employs the most up-to-date technologies with the data centers to deliver top notch service to its customers. Bluehost is very successful in web hosting. Before the review of Bluehost - ’s highlights, a special discount provided by Bluehost - management team is highly recommended for you. 5.45/mo instead. The below image shows the details of Bluehost shared web hosting promotion. 29.99/mo if you go for yearly service term.

Bluehost offers one of the most rich feature hosting packages - you can find. Let's take Bluehost - "Plus" shared hosting as an example. This best-selling Web hosting plans - from Bluehost comes with many features including one free domain, unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, and you can host multiple domains in one account only. It’s quite difficult - to find a web hosting provider that offers more features than Bluehost in today's market. Hundreds of free web site scripts from Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress to eCommerce shopping cart. All of them could be installed automatically with only one simple click, great for newbies. As well, Bluehost web hosting is extremely user-friendly, offering full-managed hosting solutions in addition to many tools for their customers so that even newbies could know how to create a web site - and manage it quickly.

All Bluehost hosting packages include icon-based and time-approved cPanel control , which comes with many excellent features on its user interface. The navigation menus are easy to understand and use. Icons are created for each feature in the control panel and help information is easily accessible next to each feature. With cPanel, you can easily manage files, emails, databases, and users. Besides, cPanel also offers features to check server log, configure web servers, and more. Panel offers you tools to backup the data manually. However, Bluehost will do daily backup for your website automatically. Even you don’t know how to use cPanel, Bluehost will take the responsibility to secure your data.

Even better, if you need to restore the data, Bluehost will do it for you for free. Unlike some web hosts forbid a shell access to the server, Bluehost allow you this permission so that you can perform Linux command - in server if you are an expert in Linux. Bluehost is led by a team who have very good understanding of Linux, hosting and customer requirements. They focus on providing Linux web hosting, and do all their best to optimize it so that the web site could run fast and securely in their web servers. Although it’s common for a web host to rent 3rd party data centers to offer hosting service, Bluehost choose to build state-of-art data centers - by themselves.

All its 3 data centers are located in Orem, Utah with multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world, redundant UPS power, and diesel generators to ensure you a fast and reliable connection speed. Bluehost engineers are really top-talents in US. Their customized quad processor Opteron servers are not only much faster but more reliable than their competitors’. With a team full of experts on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, Bluehost web servers are well-optimized to run efficiently - for most of php CMS. And there is no surprised that Bluehost - is recommend as Best WordPress hosting, Best Drupal Hosting, Best Joomla Hosting by communities.

Bluehost guarantees 99.9% server uptime. It’s now trusted by 3 millions domain owners, and this number has proven how reliable its service is. Bluehost has a very professional customer support team. They can provide customers with the highest level of support with their friendly attitudes and patience. People could contact Bluehost via Online Live Chat, Toll-free phone call, email, and customer support forum. Bluehost also develop a very huge and comprehensive knowledge base, providing extremely comprehensive - documentations for its services and operating a YouTube channel with a number of video tutorials. By these time-saving methods, people could also search for the answer by themselves instead of going to live chat or phone support every time they have problems with the web hosting service.

Bluehost - guarantee an average hold times less than 30 seconds and 100% in house on site staff, which could offer 24/7 guidance from Bluehost’s professional team. Bluehost - is one of the industry best PHP Hosting service provider, who is well-known for its highly stable and fast solutions for PHP & MySQL based CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. PHP for better website security, all scripts executed on the server has to be authorized, this prevents users’ sites from being hacked. SimpleScripts; Users can install all the popular PHP cms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, with the click of one button. Actually, the most important success factor of Bluehost is its exceptional support on WordPress. Their shared hosting is well-optimized fo WordPress, meanwhile the company particpate a lot of WordPress community events to ensure their service could satisfy WordPress users' needs well.

It's no surprise that Bluehost is named as one of the Best WordPress hosting in the world. At the same time, Bluehost is also the Drupal hosting and Joomla hosting recommended by their communities respectively, from which you can see how popular Bluehost is within PHP developers - . BlueHost offers a 30 day full money back guarantee - if you decide to cancel your account. Also customers that cancel their plan after 30 days period, you’ll be qualified for a full refund. Let’s say you signed a 24 month plan term and want to opt out after 4 months, then you’ll be credited 20 months of hosting fees back. There are only very few web hosts in the industry who guarantee "Anytime Money Back", and Bluehost is one of them.

Bluehost is one of the best shared linux hosting as far as we know, which gives you all the convenience when using their service, such as unlimited bandwidth, email, database resource, and the others. But they do have some drawbacks. While Linux is great for many, there are quite a few people out there who need to host on Windows servers. The package which Bluehost offers is perfect for you to be able to work in an environment based on a Linux web host. For shared hosting, Bluehost has a relatively strict term on CPU resource usage, each account should not occupy CPU resource for more than 600 seconds in any given hour. The constriction is reasonable, but once your site exceed this limitation, your account will be suspended for 15 minutes automatically, which might cause some lost to your business.

If this situation - happens and cannot be released after optimizing the source code of your site, the only choice is to upgrade to VPS or dedicated server. Bluehost was acquired by EIG in 2011. As for many failed acquisition EIG has made, many analyst forecast a big brand would be destroy by EIG again. Fortunately, this hasn’t happended. 4 years has passed, Bluehost is still the best choice of many webmasters, actually it grew much faster than before. It’s the best acquisition EGI has made so far. Now, the technology of Bluehost - has become the standard solution within EIG organization. And with the funding support from EIG, Bluehost was able to redesigned its data centers with the latest technologies and hardware, which now are serving for some other well-known brands within EIG, such as Hostgator, Hostmonster and Justhost. Besides, BetterLinux solutions - Bluehost has developed was also adopted - by many other web hosts, even its competitors. Bluehost is one of the best web hosting you could find in the industry. It comes with rich feature, good reliability and reliable price, which could be use for business, blogs and/ or personal websites. To know more about Bluehost, please visit Bluehost now.

In most cases, customers enjoy the privilege of 100% uptime, which is great. Technically speaking, the website or blog would never go down. Be it 12 o clock in the morning or 11:59 in the night, your site should be loading quite smoothly. If you have decided to go with Bluehost, uptime is the last thing you should worry about. In 9.9 cases of 10, your website will be running fine. This is a kind of solace when you have a website that receives requests at every hour of the day, right? A few things that are common to Bluehost plans are the high-quality service and Bluehost promo codes. So, it’s not right to compare two entirely different types of hosting packages in order to understand the level of offered performance. To get an idea, we did a comparison of Bluehost shared hosting and shared hosting from another service provider.

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