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Davido - David Adedeji Adeleke - Nigerian Singer & Songwriter - 2019 Biography & News

Just a few days after Davido told fans on social media that he plans on settling down with Chioma, controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has claimed all is not well with the couple. - In a recent post shared on Twitter, Kemi revealed that Chioma allegedly called Davido an idiot for lying to fans over the real reason she deactivated her Instagram account. It was also claimed that the relationship is over and Chioma left because of infidelity and too many lies. It is unclear what the real status of their relationship is as nothing about the couple has come up in recent times except news of their alleged breakup. Rumours also have it that Davido has been going places without bae when prior to the breakup stories, they went everywhere together.

The bond between Wizkid and Davido has got different definition at different time and season. From friendship that turned sour to rivalry and a rivalry that developed into friendship. The truth is the beef, irrespective of who started it, has made their popularity rating gone higher. It has also popped the question: Wizkid and Davido who is the richest? The fight that was said to have been started by the Nigerian "Justin Bieber", Wizkid by some and also said to have been started by OBO by some have been settled. Details of the fight is stale news as the hatchet have been buried for some time now but the "Wizkid and Davido who is the richest question is still very much alive and walking the surface of the earth.

The Omo Baba Olowo has got all Nigerian guys adjusting their trousers belt with the ASSURANCE he gave his 5 years girlfriend on her birthday. 60 million endorsement deal. Although this is another point to be used in the debate "Wizkid and Davido who is the richest; it has been brewing that it does not guarantee Chioma the title, Davido wife, but his baby. The question: Wizkid and Davido who is the richest is not forgotten o as we ask what exactly is going on between Wizkid and Tiwa Savage? They have been known to have recorded songs together but we did not know the collaboration on the Naija music "Malo" will extend to their personal lives.

The lyrics "you gimme love I never see…your love mean so much to me…" sung by Wizkid in the duet with Tiwa was not suspected to be a true thing until recent things came up. Earlier this year, Wizkid posted 5 pictures of Mama Jam Jam on his instagram page, wishing her happy birthday. Tiwa too came out saying how special her dear Ayo is to her. Baba nla said he was looking for a sister as a reply to Davido tweet on ASSURANCE, OBO replied saying "Tiwa our sista ooo". We do not know if we should call this Wizkid kind of assurance or should be expecting something just as grand as ASSURANCE or more…aspa say to fuel the "Wizkid and Davido who is the richest palava".

Must Read: What is the net worth of the richest woman in Nigeria? Hmm, we all want to listen to a hit from the two but as of May 2018, Davido, the 30 billion crooner according to Daily Post revealed why there hasn’t been a collaboration with Wizkid Yet. Davido said a collaboration with Wizkid would not be planned but have to come naturally in order to have the best. According to him, this would only happen when the time was right. Davido revealed this on Soundcity Fm when he said: "On my collaboration with Wizkid, I feel like if it will happen, it will happen naturally.

"If we plan it, we might not do our best. I’m not so conversant with new releases in the music industry though, so use the comment box below if you’d like to share with us and other readers a song you’d want us to check out. Anyways, don’t forget to check out our list of top 15 Nigerian music websites for latest music or download latest music videos on these top 9 websites. Who is the Richest Musician In Nigeria? There is no denying that entertainment has been paying for some time now and we see many youngsters wanting to go in to the entertainment industry as it seems there is room for all. But, you’ll agree with me that they all paid the price for success isn’t it?

Why not check out a quick MUST-READ inspiring article on 5 business and life lessons from Olamide badoo; and how he made it to the top ten richest musician in Nigeria. Either upcoming or a veteran or still in the game, they are all doing fine. Just like our fingers are not equal, some musicians are richer than others and do not fret when we tell you there is one of all the Nigerian musicians, that is the richest. Yes, there is. I know you are wondering who it is and counting your fingers to do the maths of the person’s worth, while your brain is thinking rigorously what the richest musician in Nigeria is.

"Wizkid and Davido, who is the richest? " have been the headline on many pages but who is the richest musician in Nigeria? Both Baba nla and OBO fans, have a seat and click on this link: the top 10 richest musician in Nigeria. Now you know what to say when asked Wizkid and Davido who is the richest isn’t it? But if left to me, I’d sit on the fence. I don’t have access to Davido or Wizkid’s bank account, I’m not their manager or their accountant. Also, that either of the two artistes have more Luxury cars or houses doesn’t mean he’s the richest. Hmm, but still forbes estimate of their net worth should be the important variable. Found this post interesting and helpful? Please give it a like and share.

Dj Ecool who featured Davido in one of his singles titled ‘ADA’, brings in Peruzzi in a recent single released titled 4U . DMW works have been known to be classy, trendy with a perfect video which is brilliantly colourful. The video tells a story that is common among both Ladies and Gentlemen. This video focuses on the story of ladies that go out with more than one man at a time. The video shows a lady who receives a phone call from supposedly her boyfriend to come over to his place. This same lady is then seen on a date with another man who is also her boyfriend. The man texted her while waiting for her and the content to the text message is " Babe, where are you?

". This same lady is again seen with another man in a boutique shopping. They all seem to want to do anything to please the girl who is their girlfriend and they depicted this using ‘I am losing control for you’ in the lyrics. The video started with an early today scene, I particularly have a problem with that scene because the scene doesn’ t depict - the story been told because it showed a night mood scene. These three men seem to be into her on different levels and she also creates time to see each one of them when they want to see her. She is seen going to one of the men house, she is also seen going on a date with one of them and also going shopping with the last one. 4U video is the 44th trending presently has 95331 views on YouTube. The video has a clear visual and it was directed by ‘Twitch’. The Sound effect and lyrics clarity makes the video something to watch and pay attention to while It’s been played.

Activities were temporarily halted this evening at the arrival section of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, following the unruly behaviour of some aides of the Nigerian musician, David Adeleke aka Davido. It was gathered that Davido who had arrived the country through an Emirates flight around 5 pm, had 17 checked luggage, which the aides refused to allow the officials of the Checkport verify with the attached tags. Kayode punched the Checkport staff on the face, which attracted other security officials at the terminal who immediately attempted to arrest the aide. But, rather than obey, he resisted arrest and pummelled another airport staff at the baggage claim area.

An eyewitness told our correspondent that the entire 17 luggage belonging to Davido are yet to be released to him and information gathered indicated that one of the luggage might contain a huge sum of cash in foreign currencies. The eyewitness said: "Whenever Davido arrives the airport, he usually leave his check-in luggage for his aides to clear. Immediately he arrives on a flight, he goes out and will start doling out money outside the terminal. "Today, he arrived as usual with several luggage and about 17 in all. "He rebuffed everyone who were carrying out their lawful duties and resorted to attack the officials. No fewer than four officials were beaten by the person in question with at least two of them soaked in blood. "When he was uncontrollable, he was bundled into the cell and he insisted that he must be taken to a police station. This however, attracted Davido’s attention who was already out of the terminal. He had to return, but the security officials refused to hand over the luggage to him.

Wizkid's girlfriend VS Davido's girlfriend who is Hotter? They are both young and doing very well in the Nigeria music industry. However, while reading through comments from different websites and blogs to see who is/has being 'winning' so far in the above comparisms, i noticed that both artist's girlfriends haven't being compared! I guess the reason is because, unlike wizkid (who has a girlfriend and flaunts his relationship) lots of fans don't know Davido (a.k.a son of a rich man, a.k.a HKN general ) also has a girlfriend too! A very beautiful one for that matter! Her name is Nish Kards and just like Tania omotayo she is mixed too! One wonders why davido doesn't want to flaunt his relationship i guess he doesn't want the media to spoil things for him.

David Adedeji Adeleke - , Nigerian afropop singer and songwriter, was born on 21st of November, 1992, in Atlanta Georgia, USA. He is currently 24 years old. His father, Chief Deji Adeleke, is a Nigerian business mogul. His mother, now late, was a University lecturer. David relocated to Nigeria at a young age. Prior to this, he had started his music career with a music group, KB international, in America. He purchased the required music items he needed. He started making beats and various vocal performances. Along the line, he felt he needed to ditch out something unique. Upon moving to Nigeria, he met with musically inclined folks. Thus, pursuing his career was not a disappointment. He had always loved the art of music.

And he had chosen to pursue it. In 2011, David focused solely on making a hit in the industry. He began work on his debut album, Omo Baba Olowo, and released it in 2012. He gained recognition with tracks in the album, which includes ‘Ekruro’, ‘Dami Duro’, ‘Overseas’ and ‘All of You’. He also featured Naeto C and Ice prince in tracks in the album. Davido worked harder to produce sound music. Education: Davido attended British International School in Lagos. Afterwards, he attended Oakwood University to study Business Administration. In May 2014, Davido could not make his trip to London. He resorted to attacking the Nigerian Immigration Office, on grounds that they wanted some money from him. On 11th of May, the Immigration Office arose and debunked his allegations, stating that he was denied his flight due to inadequate travelling documents. Sophie, a baby mother to Davido, filed a petition against him accusing him of child trafficking. It was stated he had the ugly intention of exiting the country with their baby, as he had been keeping the baby from her mother. However, David refuted the accusation.

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According to various reports out of Lagos, Nigerian Afro-pop superstar Davido - is believed to have been involved in some sort of altercation with singer and comedian MC Galaxy. Davido’s team has since clarified his side of the story, and claims that the singer never laid a finger on Galaxy. "According to someone who witnessed the beat down, trouble started after MC Galaxy told B-Red that he (Galaxy) was more popular than him (B-Red)," Ikeji wrote. "B-Red didn’t agree and they went back and forth. Then an HKN Gang member, who is a Ghanaian artist, told MC Galaxy that he was not funny as a comedian.

Nigerian Entertainment Today followed that initial report (which was picked up in some form by several Nigerian media outlets) by reaching out to Davido’s camp, and spoke with his manager, Kamal Ajiboye. Ajiboye says that while he left the studio before the alleged fight took place, his understanding is that Davido himself wasn’t involved in any altercation. "From what I heard, David didn’t touch him," he said, explaining that the issue seems to have been between MC Galaxy and a few members of Davido’s crew, including B-Red, who is also Davido’s cousin. It appears that for now, both Davido and MC Galaxy are keeping mum about the incident. The two have been described as being quite close in the past, so time will tell if this will be a hiccup in their relationship, or if this will mark a split between MC Galaxy and Davido’s HKN camp. This is actually not the first time in recent months that MC Galaxy has been involved in some sort of physical altercation. Last fall the ‘Sekem’ singer was embroiled in a dust-up with a concert promoter outside of a nightclub in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Davido is a Nigerian recording artist, performer, and record producer. In 2011, he burst unto the scene with a mega-hit single, which he co-produced and released 'Dami Duro', which was a dance hall favourite all over Africa and the African diaspora. His debut album 'Omo Baba Olowo', released in 2012, contained the singles 'Back When' featuring Naeto C, 'Dami Duro', 'All of You', 'Overseas' featuring Sina Rambo, 'Ekuro', 'Gbon Gbon', and 'Feel Alright' featuring Ice Prince. 2013, he released the songs 'Gobe', 'Skelewu', and 'Aye,' all of which became hits. Alongside his elder brother Adewale Adeleke, Davido is the co-owner of HKN Music and has produced several artistes, including Naeto C, Skales, Tiwa Savage, and Sauce Kid. He has won several awards including the Kora, Channel O, and Nigeria Music award. He has also won awards at the Headies, the Nigeria Entertainment Awards, and the Dynamix All Youth Awards. In 2015, Davido won the MTV Africa Music Awards and was nominated for the All Africa Music Awards and the MOBO Awards. He signed to Sony Music in 2016 and released the EP 'Son of Mercy' same year.

David Adedeji Adeleke - , popularly known by his stage name Davido, was born in November 21, 1992 to the family of Chief Deji and Late Mrs. Vero Adeleke in Atlanta, Georgia. His father, Chief Deji Adeleke is a very wealthy business man in Nigeria(hence his popular nickname "Omo Baba Olowo, meaning ‘Child of a rich man’), while his mother late Dr. Vero Adeleke, was a university lecturer. Davido and his family relocated back to Nigeria from America and being a young man from a wealthy family, Davido attended elite schools including British International School and Babcock University, where he’s studying Business Administration Part-time. Though he came from a very wealthy family, Davido decided to pursue his dream which has always been to make music.

He started singing at the tender age of 11. Davido will later admit that his love for music came from his late mother who passed away in 2003. Losing his mother has been the most traumatic experience he has had. He said: "…she’s the reason I do what I do…. I plan on carrying that legacy…". At the age of 18, Davido set up a record label called HKN Music, jointly owned by him and his older brother, Adewale Adeleke. In 2011, 18 year old Davido released his debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo’, while on May 7, 2011, Davido produced and released his first song "Back When". The song served as the album’s lead single and received frequent airplay. In October 2011, Davido released ‘Dami Duro’ which immediately became a hit!

‘Dami Duro’ topped music charts, and that was the song that really brought him into public consciousness. The music video for "Dami Duro" was released on January 8, 2012. It was shot and directed in Lagos by Clarence Peters. In 2013, Davido began recording his second studio album. On February 25, 2013, he released "Gobe" as the upcoming album’s lead single. The song was produced by Shizzi. 3000 (N480,000) was held days after the release of the song. Davido uploaded an instructional dance video onto YouTube and asked fans to upload videos of themselves dancing to "Skelewu". On October 10, 2013, Davido announced that Bello Moshood Abiola had won the competition.

Davido released hit song "Aye" on February 2, 2014. The song was produced by T Spice, while the music video was directed by Clarence Peters. Shortly after that, precisely April 30, 2014, Davido released single "Tchelete (Goodlife)" featuring South African duo Mafikizolo. Being a very young, handsome and successful artiste, Davido is NOT controversy-free! In February 2012, 19 year old Davido trended worldwide on Social media; with thousands commenting on the pictures showing him in bed with 18-year-old undergraduate Sonia Jumbo. Different images showed were Sonia was fondling and kissing him while he was asleep. In one, she’s seen licking his tattoo! In mid-2014, Davido and fellow music artiste, Wizkid started throwing mysterious jabs at each other online!

Davido and Wizkid are among the biggest music artistes in Nigeria and they both have an identical fan-base. The beef seems to have started when Wizkid posted a coded message on his instagram page. Davido took offense at that and also posted a message which was apparently directed back at Wizkid. The music heavywights continued to trade coded words back and forth, though not calling the other person by name. Insiders allege that there has been a superiority battle between them. The two have finally settled their differences - though! He has also been criticized for being in the habit of flaunting his wealth and possessions! Davido is known to be very funny and easy-going. He has worked with numerous music artistes including Naeto C, Wizkid, Ice Prince, 2face, Olamide, Lynxxx and Skales. He is also the winner of many local and international awards, including Best International Act at the BET Awards and Artist of the year at the MTV Africa Music Video Awards! Davido is also an ambassador to some top organizations. There’s no doubt, Davido has written his name in the sands of time at such a young age! Nigeria’s music history cannot be written without Davido’s name featuring in it prominently.

Have you been searching for Davido Biography, net worth 2019, albums, songs, his tribe or simply all about Davido? Then look no further, in this post, we have written about the much loved Davido, Nigeria’s richest musician. Davido was born David Adedeji Adeleke - , on November 21, 1992 to Nigerian billionaire and business mogul, Dr. Deji Adeleke and Professor, Mrs. Vero Adeleke in Atlanta, USA. He is from the Yoruba speaking tribe. He is a popular Nigerian singer, songwriter, rapper, performer and record producer. Davido lost his beloved mother in 2003. He attended the British International School in Lagos for his secondary education and studied Business Administration at Oakwood University, Alabama, USA before relocating to Nigeria. Davido’s interest in music started when he was at Oakwood University in the United States.

He bought musical equipment and began making beats as well as recording vocal references. In 2011, Davido returned back to Nigeria and he decided to go back to school, thus enrolling at Babcock University in Ogun State, Nigeria to study Music. He came into limelight with his popular song "Back When" featuring Nigerian rapper Naeto C. shot and directed by Clarence Peters, the song received frequent airplay. Davido became an instant hit when he sang "Dami Duro". Davido has since gone on to release numerous singles and albums. He has produced songs for Naeto C, Tiwa Savage, Skales and Sauce Kid. In April 2012, he signed an endorsement deal with mobile telecommunications giant, MTN Nigeria as the face of MTN Pulse.

He is also a SONY Music ambassador. He is also known as O.B.O "Omo Baba Olowo" which in English means "son of a rich man". Davido just recently acquired a private jet which is rumored to have cost him N9.7billion. It was said that he purchased a N45 million Porsche car for his girl friend, Chioma. 13 million which makes him one of the richest musicians in Nigeria. Davido has some notable endorsements with top brands in the country and even abroad. Due to his successful hits and celebrity status, OBO is now a brand ambassador for Infinix telephone brand.

This deal worth millions of Naira as it took over six months to pull through. In 2012, Davido was reported to have signed a ₦30 million endorsement deal with MTN. The deal made him the face of MTN Pulse, this was used a marketing ad campaign for Nigerian youths. In the year 2013, he signed another with Guinness Nigeria in which he performed at the Guinness World of More Concert alongside popular artists P-Square, D’banj, Wizkid, Ice Prince, Burna Boy, Olamide, Phyno and Tiwa Savage. He also has an undisclosed big deal with SONY Entertainment, one of the world’s famous music record label.

His girl friend, Chioma Avril Rowland, partnered with Dunes Centre to run a cooking show. According to Wikipedia, Davido has received a total of 42 awards from 87 nominations. Davido has been involved in a number of controversies which has sparked a lot of debate about the singer. In 2014, Davido accused the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) of asking him for cash after missing his flight to London. The PRO debunked his claim, stating that the artist didn’t possess the proper travel documents hence he was denied an exit permit. Also, the Vanguard newspaper reported that Davido and Sophia Momodu, fought over the custody of their daughter Imade Adeleke. The medium said he was charged for alleged child trafficking, trying to keep Imade away from her mother, as well as trying to flee Nigeria with the baby. The artiste denied this claim and has apologised to Dele Momodu, the cousin of Sophia Momodu.

"If" can be described as a love-themed ballad, with a blend of Afrobeats and R&B. - On this track, Davido confronts his feelings for a special lady ad serenades her with words of appreciation and pledges of commitment. It debuted at number 1 on the Nigerian iTunes and continued to lead the chart for weeks and across the land. Interestingly the track was produced by the talented Tekno who many at the time would consider his biggest competition for the chart. "If" is Davido’s first single of the year 2017 and one of his biggest success yet, It’s also his most viewed track here on genius.

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