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The life for gay is more difficult than that of lesbian

Foreign media has said that the People often say that the gay is related to the man's world. On the other hand, we could find that the life of the female homosexuality is seems to more comfortable - than their male counterparts.

According to the report of the Japan Times on April 29, the high-profile lesbian athletes still be able to participate in sport games after they have publicly announced their sexual orientation. But on the other hand, the gay athletes in major professional sports in the United States do not have the same experience. Although there is the famous Camera Males in the play which name is Modern Father in U.S. television, the survey shows that people in fact be more easily accepted the lesbian raising children the idea.

It has reported that the society has become more acceptable for the homosexuality as a whole. But the long-term studies had shown that zane lesbian books - can get more tolerance in society compared with the gay and gay men seem more likely to become the violent attacks objectives. The study of the researchers Gregory had also found that straight men who are referring to sexual orientation only for females are the most difficult one to accept homosexuality especially the male homosexuality.

One study of the scientist has found that 38 percent of gay men said that due to the identity of gay, they had been bullied, stolen property, or subjected to violence such as the attacks, beatings or sexual invasion experience in their adult life. Only about 13% of lesbians said they had the same experience. So we could say that most of the people society could also not accept the homosexuality. That is why the gay read edenbrooke free online - site such as the has become more and more popular nowadays.

Another study carried out for the young people of England also found that during the adolescence, the bullied possibilities of gay boys and girls are almost twice the normal sexual orientation peers. When it is for the youth, the bullied possibilities - of gay girls and straight are almost equivalent. But the study has also shown that the possibility of being bullied for gay youth is almost four times compared with the same age straight men.

In Chicago, social worker Laura Grimes, who is provide consulting services for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, has said:" In our society, most of the people are not interested with the lesbians. So I think the aversion for this group is also more difficult to be found. But the gay¯s life is hard to say.±

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