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White House Museum

The swimming pool and cabana were installed in 1975 by Gerald Ford, an avid swimmer. Ford didn't want to evict the White House press corps in order to refurbish the indoor swimming pool under the Press Briefing Room. When it was complete, President Ford showed off for the press and continued to use it frequently. Jack Ford immediately took scuba diving lessons in it. A cabana was later added to provide a changing area and showers and to screen the pool from the West Wing. An underground passage was even created from to allow the first family to get to the cabana from the West Wing ground floor without going outside.

Later, Amy Carter practiced her diving technique here. Barbara Bush was one of the pool's most frequent users, despite once having discovered a rat sharing the water. Hillary Clinton also enjoyed it (she considered renovating the indoor pool and moving the press to a new facility). The Clintons also installed an outdoor spa. In 2002, as part of usual renovations and a new effort to make the White House more eficient, the cabana was renovated: extra were windows added, the roof was raised, and a solar array was put on top. The solar thermal array uses water heated in pipes by the sun; not photovoltaic cells creating electricity. It provides hot water to the cabana. What is not used there is used to heat the outdoor spa installed by the Clintons. Remaining heat is used to help heat the pool. The solar array was designed to blend in with the roof of the cabana and, even on close inspection, appear no more obtrusive than a skylight. James Doherty, an architect with the National Park Service White House Liaison Office, managed the solar installations. Since the White House grounds were designated a national park, the NPS has responsibility for and jurisdiction over the lawn, gardens, and buildings. Additional solar arrays were added to the maintenance building in the southwest corner of the South Lawn, directly south of the swimming pool.

The angle at which a collector should be tilted varies based on your latitude and the length of your swimming season (summer or year-round). Ideally, collectors for summer-only heating should be tilted at an angle equal to your latitude minus 10º-15º. Collectors for year-round heating should be tilted at an angle equal to your latitude. However, studies have shown that not having a collector tilted at the optimum angle will not significantly reduce system performance. Therefore, you can usually mount collectors flat on your roof, which might not be at the optimum angle but more aesthetically pleasing. You will, however, want to take roof angle into account when sizing your system. You can determine the efficiency of a solar swimming pool heating system based on the collector's thermal performance rating if available.

It can also be measured by Btu per day, which is simply the rating in Btu/(ft2day) multiplied by the area in ft2. Also used is MJ per day, which is the rating in MJ/(M2day) multiplied by the area in M2. The higher the number, the greater the solar energy collection efficiency. However, because weather conditions, instrumentation accuracies, and other test condition constraints can vary, the thermal performance of any two collectors should be considered approximately the same if their ratings are within 25 Btu/(ft2day) of each other. High efficiency solar collectors not only will reduce your annual operating costs, but may also require fewer square feet of collector area to heat the pool.

Before purchasing a solar pool heating system, you can estimate and compare the costs of using different solar collector models. This will help you determine the potential cost - savings of investing in a more efficient type of collector, which may require fewer panels for the collector area needed to heat your pool. Total installed cost of system. Don't choose a solar pool heating system or collector based solely on its estimated costs. When selecting a solar pool heater, it's also important to consider all of the factors involved in the system's sizing and quality of the design and installation. As with a solar water heating system, it is important to consider local building codes and regulations for solar water heating.

The proper installation of a solar pool heating system depends on many factors. These factors include solar resource, climate, local building code requirements, and safety issues. Therefore, it's best to have a qualified solar thermal systems contractor install your system. After installation, properly maintaining your system will keep it running smoothly for 10-20 years. Consult your contractor and read your owner's manual for maintenance requirements. Your collector should require little maintenance if the pool's chemical balance and filtering system are checked regularly - . Glazed collectors may need to be cleaned in dry climates where rainwater doesn't provide - a natural rinse. Does your company have experience installing and maintaining solar pool heating systems? Choose a company that has experience installing the type of system you want and servicing the applications you select. How many years of experience does your company have with solar heating installation and maintenance? The more experience the better. Request a list of past customers who can provide references. Is your company licensed or certified? Having a valid plumber's and/or solar contractor's license is required in some states. Contact your city and county for more information. Confirm licensing with your state's contractor licensing board. The licensing board can also tell you about any complaints against state-licensed contractors.

PURPOSE: An impenetrable covering that completely covers the swimming pool, blocking access to water. Cover is operated electronically or by a key independent of all other swimming pool equipment. PURPOSE: To isolate the swimming pool by way of a minimum four-foot-high enclosure. PURPOSE: An impenetrable covering that completely covers the swimming pool, spa, or hot tub, blocking access to water. PURPOSE: Warns parent or guardian when a child opens the door to the swimming pool area. PURPOSE: Keeps all doors and windows leading to the swimming pool, spa, or hot tub area securely closed, limiting access by children. PURPOSE: To close and latch fence gates securely, making a swimming pool, spa, or hot tub inaccessible to a child.

PURPOSE: Sounds when fence gate is open to the swimming pool area. PURPOSE: Wireless detection alarm that sounds when the area around the swimming pool perimeter is entered. PURPOSE: An alarm placed in the Swimming Pool Builder Sacramento - pool that sounds upon detection of accidental or unauthorized entrance - into the water. PURPOSE: An alarm clipped on the child that sounds when the child exceeds a certain distance or becomes submerged in water. A rope & float line should be placed across the pool, alerting swimmers to the separation of the deep end from the shallow end of the swimming pool. All rescue equipment should be placed near the swimming pool in an easily accessible spot, and should be kept in good condition. These can be used to pull someone in trouble to safety. Post all CPR, other emergency information, and warning signs, as well as the emergency phone number "911" (or other emergency medical service number), near the swimming pool, spa, or hot tub. A cordless or poolside telephone means parents don’t have to leave children unattended while they answer the phone. Also, it’s a good idea to.

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The process of shopping for a swimming pool, above ground or in-ground, can be lengthy and difficult to complete but doesn't have to take up too much time. There are plenty of pool builders across the country that all have their own benefits from the other swimming pool contractor. Each pool for sale today offers different features for buyers to choose from. Interior - lighting, heating, and jets are the most popular features offered in all types of swimming pools today. Pool builders can work with small, large, or even their own companies. These builders have a large amount of experience in the construction of swimming pools as well as the installation of the swimming pools at the clients' property.

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