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Wizkid - Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun - Nigerian Singer & Songwriter - 2019 Biography & News

Multi award winning international Afrobeat sensation Wizkid is obviously back to winning ways as he adds to his already insanely impressive streak of firecrackers with the commissioning of this new jam "Lagos Vibes". Kos G - Vibes Ft. Ardent fans of Wizkid who have been patiently waiting on the singer to release new music got much more than they bargained for when the globally acclaimed musician commissioned three singles at once. - Mut4y’s "Commando" featuring the Starboy boss and Ceeza Milli was also unleashed at the same time. Arguably the most convincing track of the three singles dropped by Wizkid, "Lagos Vibes" is the only song on which the serial hit-maker features no artiste. The free-flowing lyrics and compelling delivery that Wizkid brings to the table are second to none, and we can easily tell he had such a great time recording the track. Of course, Wizkid’s good vibes are as infectious as ever on "Lagos Vibes", and due credit must be given to Spotless, who held things down on the production decks this time for his boss. Jesse Jagz - Midnight Vibes ft. Vibe with us to Wizkid’s "Lagos Vibes" by streaming or downloading the scorcher right away. Feel free to air them in the comments section below.

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This summer, it’s another Nigerian singer, Wizkid, whose name is a fixture all over the charts. Ayodeji Ibrahim - Wizkid - began singing at the age of 11 in the church choir. When his debut album, 2011’s Superstar, was released three years after he secured his first record deal, it broke industry records and the launch was well attended by the cream of the music business. It reinforced what many had suspected from the singles since he was first introduced to the listening public; the innocent-faced kid had a knack for cooing catchy hooks and plastering greatness on guest features. "From when his very first single was released, he has always had a je ne sais quoi", says Ayodeji Rotinwa, pop culture writer for ThisDay, one of Nigeria’s most read dailies, and Forbes Africa.

Aided by a solid label and management, Wizkid got into bed with top-notch producers, fellow artists and promoters across Africa and the UK, stacking up collaborations, playing at gigs and morphing into a continental sweetheart. "Apart from being talented, he’s a charming young man, and whether you admit it or not being charming helps," says Gbemi Olateru-Olagbeji, from Beat 99.9 FM, a Lagos radio station. "He started his networking a long time ago. In 2012, Chris Brown came to Lagos for a performance. At some point during the show, Wizkid was on stage with him and even danced with him.

A few months later, he was hanging out with Brown in Los Angeles. This was before he released Ojuelegba. He didn’t let that chance meeting end at a few words, a handshake and a selfie. It went beyond that and became a friendship. I’m not saying Brown gave him his big break but he’s definitely part of the story. He continued to meet people, make contacts and the rest is history. "He’s always had the drive and thoughts of global recognition," says rapper Willybang, a childhood friend who previously went by the moniker Silly. "He was like Brain in Pinky and the Brain, always wanting to take over the world.

"Then it was only older musicians like Brenda Fassie and Miriam Makeba were recognised outside Africa, except for people like 2face, who was young and inspired us. Together we would patiently watch these legends record; it was after three or four years of doing this that we got a chance to record for the first time," says Willybang. "At one point, his parents didn’t want to see me around his house because they thought I was a bad influence on him, making him hang around studios. We had no money but we had the drive. "I think Wizkid gives other African artists visibility just by being present. He has the world as his audience now," says Rotinwa. Mr Eazi, one of the artists Wizkid has signed up to his Starboy Entertainment imprint and the continent’s breakout star in 2016, is optimistic.

"Wizkid is one of the most talented artists ever out of Africa, he is blessed with the melodies, but most of all he works hard. His work rate even pushes me to go harder. "I believe Sony is taking his project as priority and Wizzy is not leaving his destiny in the hands of others. His ability to blend into whatever genre yet still keep his signature feel might be his strongest suit. "With someone like Wiz representing Africa, it will invariably lead people to check out other African music - and that’s a positive for new acts," adds Eazi. Olagbegi agrees: "The international record labels are paying more attention to African artistes now. Family Grew up with 12 sisters. Born to a Pentecostal Christian and a practising Muslim father. Started singing and recording at age 11 with church friends. Achieved global prominence in 2016 when he collaborated with Drake on One Dance, which reached number one in 15 countries. His latest single, Come Closer, features Drake.

WizKid initiates Future for his most recent single. WizKid has been commanding 2017 all alone terms. The Nigerian vocalist has put his own particular turn on AfroBeat and has been a main thrust in conveying the West African sound to North America. Back in June, he discharged his fittingly titled real name make a big appearance Sounds From The Other Side. The collection was met with ideal surveys. Since it’s discharge, he’s kept drawing out free singles and prodding new music. Today, he comes back with "Everytime" including Future. Over the entire summer, WizKid has been prodding new music with Future. Back in June, he posted a photo with Future on his Instagram and has since given his fans little bits of the up and coming joint effort. While the hold up was longer than anticipated, the coordinated effort doesn’t baffle.

With creation from Shizzi, the melody includes some bright guitar riffs and a bass line gave by Salaam Remi. The drums remain in accordance with Afrobeat’s mark timing, too. While WizKid leads the pack on the verses, Future comes in for the pre-tune and the snare before dropping off a couple of bars towards the end. It might be an unexpected sound in comparison to we’re utilized to from Future however he certainly ensures he fits ideal in on "Everytime". WizKid has prodded the tune in the course of recent months. In late August, he posted the single’s fine art with the inscription, "Plutooooo said drop dat poop today around evening time! FreebandzzZZ X Starboy until the end of time! " While it certainly didn’t arrive that night, he kept building the reckoning for the melody. WizKid has been teaming up with a portion of the greatest specialists this year and now he adds Future to that rundown.

Wizkid is pretty much the biggest thing in Nigerian pop, which itself seems to advance on the global music stage almost as quickly as the country’s economy, one of the fastest growing in the world. He scored a massive smash last year with "Ojuelegba," an insatiable rags-to-riches hit with a shoulder-shrugging Afrobeat, which inspired Drake to jump on a remix (the two linked up after expressing mutual admiration over Instagram). "Ojuelegba" is prime and perfect Afropop, characterized by a shuffling, whistling charisma, an elegant rhythm, and a message of positivity and parties. It is distinctly Nigerian, yes, but also—in the way that all songs that worm their way around the world are—an inspirational anthem for many. First thing I notice is you’re wearing Bape—are you a big streetwear-head?

Yeah, I like me some Bape, you know. But I wear anything to be honest. Adyn, Rick Owens, Givenchy, anything. I shop from everywhere. We’re talking with BBC to make clothes for my tour. What’s the shopping like in Lagos? - I have local tailors out there who make me traditional stuff. So I get material from Lagos, and I have them make me pieces. I mix them up with whatever I wear. I have a whole lot of tailors. The fabrics are from different parts of Nigeria. We have the tie and dye from the western part of Nigeria. We get stuff from the north.

I mix it up. Do you wear a lot of traditional Nigerian clothes? When I’m back home, all I wear is African fabric. All I really rock is the traditional stuff. That’s the in thing right now. That’s really coming back. Back in the day, our parents used to wear it every day, and they still do, but now it’s cool for wee young ones to wear it. It’s amazing. We’re doing it differently. We’re having it a little bit more fitted. We have styles on it, embroideries and stuff, by local people, made by hand, designed on it. How would you describe Lagos style?

Lagos style is fresh and different. Even with the tailors, they get very innovative with their stuff, with the cuts. When my parents used to make the traditional wares, it was a little bit baggy. But now the tailors are able to infuse the European style, making it slim-fit. Lagos style is different, man. And tailors are everything in Nigeria. —properly fitted. Proper, proper. Tailors are A1 back home. What’s your process when you get something made for you? I design everything myself, and I get them to make it. I do a little sketch; sometimes I just sit down with a tailor and describe what I want. Sometimes we go back and forth, like, for days, trying to get it right.

Sometimes it’ll take a day to make it, sometimes three, four days. I have a lot of tailors. If I want something made in 12 hours, it will be made in 12 hours. What kind of clothes did you love growing up? Growing up in Lagos, I wasn’t fortunate enough to get the fresh stuff when it was new. There was this place we used to go to find stuff that had been shipped from America, like secondhand clothes. I used to rock a lot of Reebok, just a lot of sporty stuff. Now you can get the expensive shit. I notice that you’re almost never seen without a pair of sunglasses.

How many do you own? Oh, wow. That’s hard for me. I buy sunglasses every time I travel, just pick up a pair at the airport. Ray-Bans are my favorite. They’re ready to go. And I lose them every time. My friends take them away from me, but I love it. Did I see on Instagram that you met Christian Louboutin? And I have a lot of his shoes. I rock everything from high-end fashion to skateboard stuff. We were just at the store getting some shoes, and he walked in. And I was like, That’s the guy! Like, Oh, you owe me some checks, boss.

What do you like about his shoes? The shoes are comfortable and fashionable. I can rock them for my shows or just chilling. I notice you love a bright, colorful shoe. Well, I’m actually doing white right now. But I like colorful shoes because most of the time I wear black, so I want it to be where my shoes are popping. I’m wearing Harrods shoes right now. Everything is super-clean with you. Fresh, fresh, fresh. That’s how I like to keep it. It’s hard for me to wear the same thing twice. You’re also not afraid to wear really skinny jeans.

No, I’m not afraid to wear skinny jeans! Yeah, I don’t care, man. I rock skinny jeans! What’s your closet situation like? It’s mad. I have my little cousins in my house all the time taking my stuff. Would you ever do your own clothing line? I’m hoping to release a clothing line after my EP, planned for April. It’s going to be tracksuits, T-shirts, hats, and African attire as well. ] with my tailors. Taking Africa to the world. It’s important to you to do this for Africa. Yeah, it’s a lot of responsibility. Even for my T-shirts, I’m having the real African prints used as the design on them. I’m getting them locally made in the villages in Nigeria.

The proper, proper materials. Do you have style icons? I love Pharrell’s style. It inspires me. It’s not about the brands, you know, it’s how you put them together. Everything he rocks, he makes it look so good. Tell me a little bit about "Ojuelegba," the song that made you famous the world over last year when Drake hopped on a remix. What was it about that song that made it so fresh? We kept it original. The beat—it’s Afrobeat but mellow. And the message behind the song is so powerful and strong. Every African who hears that anywhere in the world is going to be able to relate to it. It’s just me talking about Ojuelegba; it can refer to any hood you are from, any beginning.

Now to where I’m at. It’s a song of where I used to be, where I’m at now, and where I want to be. I want to be a positive force. Keep your dreams alive, keep working. It’s a positive vibe. The old and young love it. Ojuelegba is the name of a neighborhood, right? Why is it important to you to shout out where you’re from? Ojuelegba is where I grew up. It’s crazy, rough, tough. That’s what built me into what I am today. The streets of Lagos are definitely different from anywhere else in the world. Making it out of there is just madness. You have to experience - it.

You have kids on the street hawking, just the hustle and bustle. If you stay in the car and drive past Ojuelegba, you will feel the vibe and you will feel the hustle. ]. I was there every day of my life for like three, four, five years. Where do you live now? Is Lagos the place to be? I live in Lekki now. There are new clubs popping up every day. We go to places like Escape, Sip, and it’s madness. December is the craziest time to be in Lagos. I just left there, so I’m pretty exhausted from going hard. Africa is the next thing right now. Talking fashion, music, anything—Africa is on top of all that.

He kicked off his singing career at the early age of 11 when he recorded his first song with one of Nigeria's celebrated music icons, OJB Jezreel. Wizkid, whose real names are Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is currently one of the fastest rising Nigerian entertainers in the music industry. This articles is based on true details of one of Nigeria’s most successful musical artst.The biography of Wizkid covers his Awards, Albums, controversies, fatherhood, endorsements. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun also known as Wizkid was born on July16th, 1990, the popularly known Wizkid has won the world’s attention since coming into the music since.

Wizkid has grown to become one of the forces in the Nigerian music industry, Wizzy is a songwriter as well as producer. Young Wizzy got the world’s attention with his first popular single "Holla at Your Boy". In 2009, Banky W signed Wizkid to his record label Empire Mates Entertainment. Biography Of Wizkid - Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun - a.k.a Wizkid is a talented singer, songwriter and performer. He kicked off his singing career at the early age of 11 when he recorded his first song with one of Nigeria's celebrated music icons, OJB Jezreel. Wizkid, whose real names are Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is currently one of the fastest rising Nigerian entertainers in the music industry.

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Wizkid has grown to become one of the forces in the Nigerian music industry, Wizzy is a songwriter as well as producer. Young Wizzy got the world’s attention with his first popular single "Holla at Your Boy". In 2009, Banky W signed Wizkid to his record label Empire Mates Entertainment. Re: Biography Of Wizkid, Profile, Life History & Shocking Lifestyle by Oladelestephen(m): 5:38pm On Aug 11, 2016 Want to Earn ₦Millions in 1 year? Join our team and be our first Leader in your location! No selling, no monthly top-up, no monthly auto-ship, no quota, no monthly maintenance needed to earn! Just ask "HOW" on the comments and i will get back to you as soon as i can. When you join helping hands international you are investing into your children's future and that of the less privileged in our society. I am looking for the first 20 people to take advantage of this opportunity with 6600 Naira only. If you are one of them comment below. Let me teach you how 6600 naira got me over 800 thousand naira with 4laptops and my upline over 100k million naira with 6 laptops.. Be your own boss now and sack your boss.

Wizkid was born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun on 16 July 1990 in Surulere, Lagos State South West Nigeria. He is one of the most popular and successful singers of his age to ever come out of Nigeria. Wizkid is also a good stage performer and songwriter who started his musical career when he was barely 11 and was known then as Lil Prinz at the time. In 2009, he was signed on to Empire Mates Entertainment, EME. He often calls himself Star Boy. He is a Christian who does secular Afro music. Wizkid’s father never liked his idea of going into music.

Though Wizkid hardly talks about his family in the press, but unconfirmed sources say he has a sister, Lade who he loves so much. Lade, the sources say, attends one of the expensive high institution in South West Nigeria. Wizkid dropped out of school in 2010 after he had come to limelight. He said he could no longer cope with being in school and recording music. Wizkid was a 200L student of Lead City University where he was studying International Studies until he left school and went fully into music. Wizkid first album was titled Lil Prinz and was released in 2001. The album has 7 tracks on it.

He later met OJB Jezreel who mentored his musical career, and they later did a song together. Some of the songs he did with OJB Jezreel became very popular at bars and clubs in Surulere part of Lagos, Nigeria where they were based at the time. In his early days in music, Wizkid’s father did not like the idea of him going into music, so he felt he should work even harder to impress his father. This led to Wizkid spending quality time in the studio. His passion for music would have him do anything just to succeed. He has often said that Naeto C and Banky W had great influence in his life and musical style. This relationship with Banky W had him doing songs with him in his (Banky W) album "The W Experience." It is on record that they co-wrote the popular single Omoge You Too Much.

His 2010’s Holla At Your Boy hit single brought him to limelight, and since then his songs enjoy massive airplay. Information Nigeria reported that he was merely getting 25% of proceeds from his shows which angered the young artist, and he went solo. In August 2011, Wizkid impregnated an undergraduate named Oluwanishola Ogudugu - an incident he denied during interviews after it was broke in the media. After series of misunderstandings and DNA tests, he accepted responsibility of the baby and vowed to take care of the girl. The lady successfully gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Boluwatife. The little Boluwatife is now 4. Oluwanishola recounted during an interview with Vanguard Newspaper that she felt her world had crashed when she discovered she was pregnant after the fifth month. In October 2013, Wizkid - shared the picture of Boluwatife on his Instagram page.

This singular act vindicated Nigerian Entertainment Today, which was the first media platform to break the scandal. Wizkid is currently dating very gorgeous Tania Omotayo. Nigerian music critics have said that Wizkid’s closest rival in music is Davido (David Adeleke). Just like Wizkid, Davido has steadily risen to limelight, and his songs enjoy both local and international airplay. This popularity had him attending international shows, and people are often compelled to say Davido is a better artist that Wizkid because of his relatively younger age and inborn musical talent. Many music pundits have held that belief that there is a beef (cold war) going on between the two artists. A claim they have always debunked.

Prior to the announcement, they had been seen to secretly exchange hate tweets, and this had discerning fans convinced they nurse secret malice towards each other. A claim they had either would not like to talk about or have it dispelled in the media. Wizkid ft Rihanna: In 2014, Wizkid said he wrote a song for US rhythm and blues sensation, Rihanna. He told Dj Abrantee on Capital Show in London while he was promoting his Ayo album that he visited Rihanna in her Los Angeles studio, where he wrote a song for her and he hoped for international collaboration. Wizkid ft Drake: Wizkid did a remix of his popular Ojuelegba track with Drake in 2015. The remix also has Skepta on it.

The original version was a massive success which saw Wizkid travelling round the world to perform it. Wizkid ft Akon: After the announcement by US singer Akon that he would be collaborating with some African artists to help them build a bigger musical career, he did collaboration with Wizkid, and the song was titled For You. Wizkid ft Wale: Wizkid had American rapper Wale featured in his song Murder which is in the Ayo album. Wizkid recently announced he plans to do a single with popular Nigerian artiste and guitarist Asa. Wizkid often throws cash at his fans while performing on stage. This he does in appreciation of their loyalty, support and love for him. He was reported to throw cash running into thousands of naira whenever he is performing on stage though not all the time. Wizkid also throws his golden bling-bling.

Superstar (2011): The tracks in this album include Holla at your boy, Tease me(Bad guys), Don’t Dull, Love My Baby, Pakurumo, Oluwa Lo Ni, Say My Name, No Lele, Scatter the Floor, Wad Up (feat. Empire Mates State of Mind (2012): The tracks here include Baddest Boy, Dance for Me, Get Down Tonight, Ko Mo Le, London Girl, Sun Mo Mi, Change, Don’t Delay Me and others. Ayo (2014): The tracks in this album are Ojuelegba, Jaiye Jaiye, On Top Your Matter, Joy, Bombay, Show You The Money, in My Bed, Dutty Whine, Omalicha and others. Wizkid has had many nominations in both Nigerian and foreign awards. He has won Ghana Music Awards, BET Awards, The Headies, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, MOBO Awards, The Future Awards, Channel O Music Video awards to name a few.

Ahead of the upcoming concert that will see the likes of Akon, WizKid, Sarkodie and more in Ghana, controversy sparks! In a recent video shoot for an up and coming Akon and WizKid video, some Ghanaian models and girl were called upon to participate by the directors a few days ahead of the shoot. WizKid, Akon and/or his music video producer, turning away a fleet of arrivals originally requested to attend by the model scout. In fact, the agent requested if the girls could help him seek light skinned girls because 'THEY' were so adamant on this request even on late notice. Nigeria, where WizKid is from, and Senegal where Akon is from, are countries both flooded with girls bleaching their skin simply because of such discrimination and being made to feel ugly if dark. Not just in media and modelling, but general favours in life.

Searching for Wizkid Biography, Songs, age, Endorsement deals, Albums and Net worth? 2017 winner of the BET Award for Best International Act Africa. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun - popularly known as (Wizkid) is a Nigerian afrobeat singer and songwriter, born on 16th July 1990 at surulere,lagos Nigeria. The superstar grew up in an interfaith household with twelve female siblings. - He attended his elementary and secondary education in surulere,Lagos. Wizkid started singing at the age of eleven when he formed a group named the glorious five with couple of his Church friends, during his upbringing; he listened to songs recorded by King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti, and Bob Marley. The super star later met OJB Jezreel a record producer who prevented him for recording for a year. He watched 2 Face idibia record songs for his Grass 2 Grace album. While visiting OJB’s Point beat studios, he mentioned Neato C as one of the people who mentored and coached him when he was 15 years old. In an interview with Factory 78 TV Wizkid said his parents weren’t receptive of his music from the onset.

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He proved that with a thrilling and world class concert at the first of his two end of the year Lagos concerts on Wednesday night, December 19th at the Eko Hotel and Suites. The stage at the Convention centre was set up to world standards in terms of lighting and production with full-sized video screens that transformed the hall into an amphitheatre. 7 Likes 1 ShareRe: Video And Photos From Wizkid VIP Experience Concert At Eko Hotel by Nobody: 8:31am On Dec 20, 2018 Starbooooooy! And skepta, and tiwa and Teni. 26 Likes Re: Video And Photos From Wizkid VIP Experience Concert At Eko Hotel by justdogitto: 10:55am On Dec 20, 2018 Please who is whizkid?

Re: Video And Photos From Wizkid VIP Experience Concert At Eko Hotel by KendrickAyomide: 10:56am On Dec 20, 2018 Only feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh. 1 Share Re: Video And Photos From Wizkid VIP Experience Concert At Eko Hotel by samson147(m): 10:56am On Dec 20, 2018 It seems auntie tiwa use to go to Sele church! Click on my signature below.. Re: Video And Photos From Wizkid VIP Experience Concert At Eko Hotel by ruggedtimi(m): 11:03am On Dec 20, 2018 noise! 2 Likes Re: Video And Photos From Wizkid VIP Experience Concert At Eko Hotel by WaleAburumaku: 11:06am On Dec 20, 2018 Who is Wizkid ? NO, let him park well. If you've not bleeped s girl more prettier than her then you need to go make money plenty of it . All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.

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